Dagg Auto Upholstery

Welcome To Dagg Auto Upholstery

2dc458c8-e7b0-4f7b-ad1a-12afff8e62bd_LARGEDagg Auto Upholstery are based in Dublin and we provide a high end, quality service in a wide range of areas. We have over 25 years experience in the auto upholstery trade. We recover & repair all types of vehicle seats including cars, vans, motorbikes, trucks, buses, boats and even forklifts.

Automotive Interior Upholstery & Vehicle Trim Customisation

There is nothing better than a vehicle that has been immaculately maintained & comes with high quality upholstered seats & auto trim. Whether it is a classic car, sports car, 4×4 or a brand new car that you would like to customise to your own specification the we can provide a service to suit you.

From quad bikes to camper vans, boats to forklifts we can help tailor your own unique style on your pride and joy using the finest materials and hand craftsmanship.

Why not give us a call today and see how Dagg Auto Upholstery can help you get your pride and joy to were it was or were you want it to be…